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know thyself

One of the great mahāvākyas (sayings) of the Upanishads states: aham brahmāsmi, I am Brahman, which translates to, I am the divine. The Upanishads are ancient texts that, rather than considered religious or dogmatic works are regarded as testimonies of sages that have attained states of superconscious awakening.

It’s like attending a lecture about business by somebody who just teaches business for a living as opposed to attending a business lecture by a CEO of a multinational who made his way to the top from rags to riches. That latter’s lecture will undoubtedly be the more fascinating and authentic one. The Upanishads are full of revelations bearing testimony to the Oneness of existence, something that only now, thousands of years later, is being validated by quantum physics.

You cannot dieThese discoveries were not intellectual constructs by intelligent scholars but instead were accounts of the spiritual experiences of great yogis. They don’t instruct us as to what we should do and what we shouldn’t do but inspire us to dive deeper within ourselves to discover what the true nature of our being really is.

There comes a time in our lives when we don’t need to be told what to do, what to believe and what to think. As a child, it is important to be guided and made aware of what culture is and what values are, but these things, once we develop them, turn out to be relative concepts. As we get older, in our quest for freedom and self-actualization, we need the freedom to investigate the world in which we live to make sure the conditioning of this very culture and these very values are not holding us back.

One such belief is the notion that we are a human body and will die. We are also taught to believe that if we act well we shall go to heaven and if we act badly we shall end up in hell. This idea throws up the difficult question as to what then is regarded good behavior and who will be the judge of it, laying the responsibility not with ourselves but outside of ourselves, weakening us in the process.

With the emergence of scientific thinking during the Age of Enlightenment, the notion of heaven and hell was dismissed as naive and devoid of logic. But this nihilistic way of thinking left us with a void, a lack of divine mystery. Something deep within our hearts refused to believe there isn’t something more than just evolution and nature.

Is there a philosophy, a belief system that allows for the notion of an afterlife, yet one that doesn’t contradict scientific and logical thinking? Could these ideas not both be true? I believe there is and we have to look at quantum physics to find our answer.

About quantum physics

It is really hard to understand quantum physics and many of its ideas are theoretical and inferential. But the general notion is that matter doesn’t exist, and that really only energy exists. One particular school of quantum physics, Quantum Mysticism (supported by Nobel laureate Erwin Schrödinger), though disputed by many quantum physicists, holds the notion that the basis of all energy, that where it rests and in which it exists, is consciousness. This idea is similar to ancient Upanishad and Buddhist text.

If energy is all there is, then how do we reincarnate? The question that can be asked here on earth: if energy is all there is, why does my perception of reality tells me I live in a world of objects and emotions? If we accept that matter doesn’t exist, which is a valid scientific concept, then we have to ask ourselves how real our current world really is. It must be that our senses limit what we can see and therefore give us a distorted view of reality. Our senses, therefore, are not the most trustworthy judge of reality. Add to that the fact that we are conditioned differently due to our parental, environmental and genetic baggage and we are left with a rather poor view of reality. Neuro-Linguistic Programing rightly concludes that we don’t see reality at all, but only a map superimposed on it.

The Upanishads tell us that we are a drop in the ocean of consciousness. Like a little bunch of energy in the infinite quantum field of energy. The evolutionary process trapped some of that energy in primitive life forms. But it never lost its divine essence. As its evolutionary vehicle develops over time, it is able to manifest higher forms of consciousness, until eventually, this same consciousness is able to manifest freely. As human beings we are these higher life forms trying the manifest our inherent divinity until one day we are able to become one with the unified field of consciousness, attaining a state of awakening and enlightenment.

Consciousness, as expressed in the Upanishads, never evolves, it manifests.

I am inherently divine

If we apply this idea to our lives it means that within us is a divine eternal principle, of the nature of the ocean of consciousness. Our soul is that drop in the ocean. In order to fully manifest this divine consciousness within our evolutionary vehicle, our body and mind need to be refined. But this process takes time and we need multiple lives with multiple bodies to achieve this state of enlightenment. When the body dies, our souls don’t. The soul is an eternal divine principle but has wrapped around itself a sheath of past conditioning. In the same way that this conditioning affects the degree to which this inherent divinity manifests itself here on earth, it also limits the experience of divine freedom in the afterlife. In other words, we take our conditioning with us when we die. And so we experience heaven or hell and all the levels in between, depending on the nature of our conditioning and how far we have come in our evolution. Unlike in some traditions, the difference is that this is not an eternal state, but a passage until we step back into another body again, to continue our journey towards enlightenment. It couldn’t be eternal because we are the product of conditioning and we are all in different states of conditioning depending on how far we have come in our journey.

As such, you never die. You have always been part of the ocean and will, eventually return back into it. The trick is to become aware of it in the here and now. If your nature is divine then you want to feel it. No matter what path you follow, no matter what your spiritual tradition is, of greatest importance is that you want to experience heaven here on earth. That heaven is the full manifestation of the divinity that resides within us all. You need not die for that. It is available to you here because you are part of it already. All that is required is to open our eyes and your heart.

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