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How changing your happiness paradigm will change your life

Will I ever be really happy?A young lady came to see me in my office in Orange County, California and said to me: “I don’t care about past lives, I’m not interested, I just want to be happy. Can you help?” I answered her:” Perhaps. It depends on so many different factors. First of all, how eager are you to be happy? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much effort are you willing to invest in your quest for happiness?”
She said: “What do you mean? How much effort? There must be something you can tell my subconscious mind that will make me happier? How hard can it be?”
As I looked at her, it flashed before my mind how many lives she must have lived. What she experiences as her reality today is the result of all her previous actions and of all the thoughts she has ever had. Though it is completely understandable that not everybody is interested in dealing with past lives and just want to be happy now, you can’t just wish the past away. We are the results of our past. Whether you believe in past lives or not, the principle stays the same. A past-life believer just allows for a larger chain of causality. A non-believer in past lives says: “I am the result of parental influence, environmental conditioning, and hereditary transmission.” Whereas a past-life believer says: “I agree, but I’m born with these parents, in this environment, and with this body for a reason.”
Effort is required, one way or another. Seeking happiness means changing your mind. It’s not really your external circumstances that make you happy or unhappy, it’s the state of your mind. Two people could be in the same set of circumstances, but one is happy and the other is miserable. What effort is harder than changing your mind?
Seeking happiness is different from seeking pleasure. Let that be clear from the beginning. This is easy to understand intellectually, but our subconscious mind avoids pain and seeks comfort and pleasure. Our subconscious tendency is to grasp what’s in front of us that takes the least amount of effort and what allows for the greatest amount of pleasure.
Happiness, on the other hand, is a state of consciousness that is the result of prolonged and intentional work. It’s something you have to build up, by understanding and applying some basic principles. It doesn’t happen overnight.

When I say, happiness is a state of mind, I mean this very literally. Your mind frequency determines your happiness. This may sound strange, as we have been taught to believe that what makes us happy is achieving success, getting a great education and a fantastic job allowing us to find a great partner to build a life with, building a beautiful home or traveling.
It’s of course not untrue that these things allow for a certain amount of satisfaction, and that the fulfillment of these things may as well be an important phase in our evolution and quest for self-actualization. But in and by themselves, do they make you really happy? Do they change your state of mind? And what does it take to pursue these things, what is your state of mind when you go through your quest? And does this quest ever stop?
Peace of mind is not really connected to any of these things. Peace of mind, happiness, happens when the waves of your mind completely calm down. The notion here is that happiness comes from within. The Kingdom of God is within. It’s the light of the Self that is the source of all happiness and you carry it with you. You just don’t know it yet. Or, don’t feel it yet.
When the waves of the mind calm down this inner light is allowed to manifest through the calmed mind. A restless mind is what prevents this light from penetrating the fog of your own subconscious and conscious mind. Therefore, the principle here to understand is that it’s paramount to get your mind calmed and under control.
Hence the effort part. Once you understand the principle, the idea is actually quite simple. Clean up the debris in your subconscious mind, and calm down the waves in your conscious mind. Where it gets harder is: How do I do this?
To answer this young lady’s question, can you help me to become happy, I had to ask: how much effort are you willing to invest? What is required is to investigate every aspect of your life and see what has led to this unhappy state of mind. What’s needed is to start looking at happiness as something that requires time and a certain way of living. You can’t possibly expect to become truly happy without the willingness to make fundamental changes to your life.
This means that in the beginning, you may have to make choices that can be uncomfortable for a while. Uncomfortable because your mind is used to seeking pleasure versus investing in long term happiness. And the subconscious mind doesn’t like change. So until this change becomes a new habit, you will experience some pain, some discomfort. The idea is that these new good habits will end up contributing to your happiness. This new lifestyle will be one that doesn’t seek pleasure thinking it will lead to happiness. It requires a paradigm shift, a new understanding of what the source of real happiness is. Light and peace come from within.
This young lady approached her quest for happiness in the same way the subconscious mind seeks pleasure: I want it now. She can’t really help it. She’s the product of a consumer society that rewards cravings with instant gratification. Unchanged, the cycle of unhappiness continues.


I do think having an understanding of past lives is very important because it allows us to enjoy a much larger perspective on life. By knowing that I have lived before, I can’t help but accept that I am responsible for what happens to me next. What I am now is the result of what I have done before, and what I may become later on is in my hands as well. So instead of seeking just pleasure, we start to look ahead and ask ourselves: is this going to contribute to my happiness in the long run? Then we are more likely to make enduring choices. And it’s these enlightened choices that end up contributing to the greatest states of happiness. Choice is how we fundamentally change our life.
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Will I ever be really happy?

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