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Ovet the years clients have shared wonderful testimonials and this section is dedicated
to those personal stories and experiences

“I chose past life regression

and life between lives regression to make sure I was on the right path, grow spiritually, and become a better person. I was extremely restless, experiencing difficulty focusing on my job and I found myself questioning my choices even though I have what most would call a successful life.
PLR and LBL sessions gave me clarity about my current mission by understanding why I chose this life, this body, my spouse, and my parents. I learned about the challenges and triumphs of my past lives and how the lessons from my past lives are woven into my current life for spiritual growth. I experienced immeasurable love and understanding from my spirit guide and soul council. I had an awakening to something bigger than myself, bigger than all of us that has forever changed me.” R.O.

I’ve always been interested

and passionate about spirituality and wondering what is the purpose of life. I got some answers from books and through meditation. My encounter with Pieter was so special to me; he happened to be the right person at the right time for my “Life between Lives Spiritual Regression”.
I am a french woman who moved recently to California and settling down wasn’t that easy! Pieter made me feel more at home by his kindness and his compassion, his respectful attitude!
He has the ability to listen to you so deeply, from soul to soul I would say. The warm and Zen atmosphere of his office puts you in a calm, confident and relaxing state of mind! My reconnection with my True Sense of Self was powerful, beautiful and magical!
The experience is still so vivid in my mind and I will highly recommend Pieter as a guide for people who wish reconnecting with their True Sense of Self.
Thanks again Pieter for being such a beautiful soul!” N.O.

“Dear Pieter. Thank you for

one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever encountered! It has taken me a couple of weeks to gather all my emotions. Each day that goes by seems to bring out a different feeling. I will try very hard to express my heart into words.
When I think of the pure bliss I felt, it brings tears to my eyes.
Thank you for immediately putting me at ease. Any and all nerves were put to rest after minutes into our session. You graciously allowed me as much time as needed. I greatly appreciate that you shared your vast knowledge and genuine kindness. I could not have hoped for a better session …. it was more fulfilling than my words can convey.
I definitely understand why there are two sessions. My first session was truly amazing. I was so grateful for the memories and can’t help but reflect fondly on my past lifetimes. They were the pieces to the puzzle I had always been seeking. I never imagined past lives like the ones I had, but looking back now, I can’t imagine those past lives not being ALL mine. It gave me such clarity. I want to feast in this memory much longer.
Day two was truly extraordinary. I arrived with great anticipation and desperately excited. After visiting another past life we then marched on to a place that was truly Heaven. This is where words cannot give my experience justice. I met my soul family/guides/angels. I was shocked at the overwhelming joy that filled my heart. My tears of happiness were endless. My heart has never felt joy like this before and I immediately knew, I was home.
As time goes on, I continue to reflect on this beautiful experience. I have a heart filled with gratitude and a soul hungry for more. Pieter, thank you for such an amazing experience. What a blessing.” E.P.H.


spiritually empty, my innate ability to see the beauty in life was no longer tangible. Miserable with work, disappointed with my progress towards what I assumed was success, and lonely even in the company of others, I accepted the emptiness of my life as my fate.
Healing was waiting for me, though. Finally having the courage to listen to the subtle, gentle promptings of my guides and angels, I searched for an exquisitely trained therapist to help me discover my true purpose and eternal divine nature. After much research, it was evident to me that Pieter’s skills and knowledge stood far above the others; he was the therapist I chose to help me navigate my journey “home”.
Pieter was the escort and shepherd during my past life and life between life regression. His kind, gentle ease was comforting. His warm, melodic cadence was so soothing and I felt safe under his guidance while I journeyed closer and closer towards the realization of my eternal purpose.
My experience with Pieter Elsen was life changing, literally. He helped me to learn what I was born to do and I am so excited to begin my new journey. Thank you, Pieter, for the joy that has entered my heart and for your discerning guidance. You are a true gift to those lucky enough to entrust you with their souls.” K.D.


Finding this experience was amazing and wonderful and you do such a good job at it too. I never in my dreams thought I would have such a wonderful experience. Thank you for this.” M.B.S.


learn things that I have never thought possible. The experience made me realize the important details about my life that matter. It was great to meet my dad who has passed away and to know the souls who are with me for all eternity. Thank you Pieter for taking me through this Journey.” A.R.


enabled me to receive. “Thank you” doesn’t do justice to the guidance and support you provided over the last two days. Among a dozen other welcome feelings and emotions, I have a new sense of calmness. To summarize clumsily, it’s akin to “don’t sweat the small stuff”. I’ve been told to do that before but the words only clicked intellectually.
Of course, the biggest “ah-ha” was my visceral embrace of Spirit and the reciprocal Divine embrace I received. My “hugging contest” was a multi-megawatt, multi-dimensional experience…powerful and life-changing, yet playful. Who new embracing Spirit could be so fun?
Thank you again for your guidance and support! Namaste, .” J.R.


books and workshops, but discovered that even though the amount of knowledge available to me is enormous, my confidence in the topic stayed low. Some information just didn’t sound right. But what was wrong and what was right within all that learning? I needed answers.
I decided to work with Pieter Elsen to help me understand myself at soul level and only deep hypnosis can do that. And yes, I got my answers!
While inside the Life Between Life paradigm, answers poured into my mind and shifted all that “information” I had gotten from books and workshops and transferred it into a solid, understandable, linear foundation that gave me the confidence I needed to serve my clients in a much better way.
Nothing beats a first-hand experience into your soul to help remove blocks and restrictions which frees a person up to create an awesome life which automatically overflows into showing others how to do the same. Pieter was a great companion on my road to self-discovery. Trust him to help you get your answers.” D.Z.


Pieter a while ago now and what I learned still sticks with me. Specifically, a few days ago one of my kitties who had been with me for 7 years passed on. Naturally, I felt grief but I also remembered what I experienced during my session with Pieter – and the wisdom that was shared with me.
During my journey, the “separation” between us here in the physical plane and our higher selves was explained to me and shown to me. That knowledge helped me work through the grief I had over the loss of my longtime companion.
That was just one of the more recent profound healing I had as a result of my session with Pieter. From knowing how to access “the other side” for energetic healing at will, to knowing what my plan and lessons were for this life, to working through grief. I have grown significantly – have more purpose and direction in my life and know I will have even more growth as time unfolds.” N.A.


a few things. First, I have to thank you from the bottom of my soul for facilitating an amazing experience. It has really changed my life in a positive way. I can’t believe how much energy my soul has been given. I am able to meditate and connect with my spirit guide any time I ask. He also is coming to me at times when he has something to say, without me even asking. The love and happiness I feel when I am connected is completely overwhelming. It’s all very exciting. After my past life experience I did some research on woman in the 1800’s who were activists for woman’s rights, who weren’t married and without children. I am almost positive that I was …. It actually explains a lot of things in this life. If you aren’t familiar with her look her up on a Google search and read about her if you get some time. It’s all been fascinating and quite exciting!” J.MM.


have ever witnessed. I came to him seeking help in one of the toughest times in my life. I was lost and there was so much blockage about who I was…
I had a close friend suggest doing a past life -and life between lives spiritual regression and Pieter came highly regarded in his field. I will be honest, before this session I was highly skeptical not only regarding reincarnation, so to speak, but also that I could trace back past lives even if reincarnation was real. I go into everything in life as a skeptic. But I promise you this: Pieter Elsen is the real deal. Working with him is therapy that is ALWAYS life changing. Just remember you have to be able to open up to truly heal and from that your soul can navigate freely and you can then move closer to your higher self. I still have the recordings and go back to them at times to find out little truths ?
I know for me, I wanted to hear other individual’s stories so here is a little background on what I saw…. I experienced a few lives. I could go on for pages upon pages talking about what I saw but I would like to focus on one specific life. The one that was the most dear to me. Since my session with Pieter the floodgates of my memories have opened and I am remembering more every day regarding who I always was, am, and will be. In this life…
“I was a poor and destitute child in the streets of Tibet over a thousand years ago. No one wanted to take care of me. I remember being hungry. Thirsty. And as the days drifted by I slowly began to feel the life drift from me. A man entered my town who was surrounded by a great number of people. I was too weak to stand and so I crawled over to try and see who it was. He was such a being of love! I went toward him and he stopped what he was doing and stood up.. moved through the people because I could not see. He went over to me.” He picked me up and he said, “As long as you live… you will always have a home with me.” He took me in and taught me the ways of meditation and breathing. Pieter asked me why I lived this life. To which my response was “I needed to be homeless. I needed to be helpless. To understand what it’s like to feel as if no one cares for you.” I went on to live a phenomenal life with this man who taught me and is continuing to teach me to this day. He showed me what it was like to live in unconditional love… and I will strive toward it for the rest of my life.
To end, If you have any blockages in your life: questions, concerns, or fascination with peeking into past lives I highly recommend Pieter. He is kind and patient and I guarantee that as long as you stay open… you will see tremendous results. T.N. (D.S.)


able to connect with the elemental joy that my spirit is composed of is a rare and precious gift. I am so grateful to you and the manner in which you skillfully guided me through this process.
Kindest regards to you.” E.O.T.

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