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Quit Smoking Self-Hypnosis Program


Quit Smoking Self-Hypnosis Program

$300.00 $24.95

Smoking Cessation


This unique Self-Hypnosis course has helped thousands of people just like you kick the habit.

• Affordable and from the convenience of your home

• Best self-Hypnosis script available
• Safe and suitable for all smokers
• Easy step-by-step instructions


This 4-class self-hypnosis course helps you kick the habit. Proven and tested, it has helped thousands kick the habit. You can do this course by yourself from the convenience of your home. Easy step-by-step video classes and a powerful smoking cessation audio track.



This course is taught by Mind Master, successful author, speaker and therapist Pieter Elsen PhD CHt. With many years of practical experience, having worked with thousands of clients, he has composed this course so that you will easily be able to follow the simple yet powerful instructions. This course is fit for everybody who wants to kick the habit.

  • WORLD’S BEST SMOKING CESSATION SELF HYPNOSIS AUDIO The secret of the course is undoubtedly the secret, copyrighted Self-Hypnosis audio file. This powerful recording will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind towards better and more constructive habits. There is simply no better script out there. Made into an easy to use audio file. Based upon many years of practical working experience with thousands of people.


The course consists of simple to follow, short video lessons, that are accompanied by written lessons. No lengthy, boring classes. Clear, to the point and effective classes that are designed to be practical and to help you step by step overcome your smoking habit. It doesn’t matter if you have smoked 30 years or whethere you are smoking just a few cigarettes a day, this course is designed for all smokers who want to quit.

  • 4 VIDEO CLASSES Detailed explanations will be provided as to how you best can kick the habit. Step by step guidance.
  • 4 WRITTEN CLASSES Detailed instructions on how to best proceed with your program. Simple and easy to follow, for all ages and all people. • STEP BY STEP SET-UP The course is designed to slowly and gradually help you stop smoking. A –no rush, no stress– program.


This course can be used by anybody who has a smoking addiction. It is safe, comfortable and it will also help you relax and deal with stress and anxiety. You can listen to the videos and audio files at your convenience. There is no rush to quit, work at your own speed. Always listening to your own body and mind. Use this course in the way that works best for you. You know your body and mind best.

  • RELAXATION AUDIO Your smoking cessation audio file has a build-in progressive relaxation section to help you deeply relax. This will be beneficial for so many other aspects of your life as well.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE From the comfort and safety of your own home, with no external help required. Tested with an extremely high success rate, this course can effortlessly help you overcome your smoking addiction.


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