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Hypnosis – Helping yourself and others

Hypnosis – Helping yourself and others


Hypnosis to help yourself and others

A quick guide to learn hypnotherapy

Learn Hypnosis techniques

343 pages / Amazon #1 bestseller

This book teaches the fundamental principles of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Its main focus is to help you learn the required techniques to help yourself, and, importantly, help others free themselves of subconscious undesirable patterns and tendencies.

Suitable for all

This book is suitable for anybody interested in learning basic hypnotic techniques that you may wish to implement in existing practices like yoga, massage, or for those who would like to start their own hypnosis practice. Alternatively, it is also suitable for those who are just curious and want to expand their understanding of the amazing workings of the human mind.

Learn all the important basics

Hypnosis is unregulated in most US States, and as such you are free to set up a practice without a medical license. This, however, also makes it more dangerous to start a practice or implement hypnotic techniques if you don’t know what you are doing, and this manual provides valuable preparation. We start by understanding what hypnosis is, how the mind works, and how to overcome resistance in the subconscious mind within yourself and others, which may have been inhibiting positive change. Included are a variety of hypnotic techniques with detailed hypnotic scripts that you can start using right away. Examples are given for primary and secondary inductions, rapid inductions and guided imagery. To further prepare you for a successful and safe practice, navigating the complex world of US laws and rules of ethics are covered.

About The Author

Pieter Elsen Ph.D.  is a professional regression therapist with many years of experience, helping countless souls find their higher purpose in and beyond life. He travels the world conducting regression sessions and speaking about the nature of our soul.


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