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During one of my recent Past Life and Life between Lives regressions, my client visited the memories of one of her past lives. In this particular life, she was a native American woman who had been on the run from invaders most of her life. At the end of her life she decided to stay put alone in a remote mountainous forest, letting her other companions, still young and healthy, go on without her. These last few years alone she managed to stay safe, survive and spent a happy period in tune with nature and finding herself.

On realizing you are divine

When we moved on to the Life-between-Lives regression, this theme of self-reliance and living in tune with nature was further discussed. Here her soul rose to an even higher state of consciousness, where she felt herself freed from most of her body and mind identification, experiencing a liberated state of being.

In this kind of state, the soul is almost devoid of conditioning, in a state of pure being. Yet there still remains a trace of ‘I’—consciousness, allowing us to discuss the life of this soul on earth, as well as reflecting on previous lives.

The purpose of experiencing such a state of being is two-fold. First, it allows the client to experience one’s true Self; a soul state that is not limited by the things of the world. The body, parents, and world in which the soul is born are temporarily transcended, allowing a tremendous sense of freedom.

Secondly, by being detached, the soul is able to have a bird’s eye view of its life, and past life (or lives), enabling one to put in perspective the things one as a soul, truly considers of utmost importance.

Many of our unhappy moments happen when we don’t see a way out. We feel the weight of the world in which we live, and the ‘reality’ of our embodiment so strongly, that we have totally forgotten that we are a spiritual being whose true nature is transcendent. We have become a complete human being, living in a world all too real.

What if?

What if, even for a moment, you could feel that who you really are is an incredibly beautiful and divine light being? What if, even for a moment, you realized that this world you consider so real, is just a temporary journey? And what if, you could, while here on earth, feel this divinity within yourself and others, and live an enlightened and happy life?

Many religious traditions point to a ‘happier place’ after death, Call it heaven, or spiritual liberation, or Mukti. However great this promise is, wouldn’t it be much better if we could experience heaven and enlightenment here and now? Why wait? Why die first?

I have found that when helping people touch that state of light even for a few minutes, their lives change forever. They are reminded, once again while on earth, who they truly are and what their incredible potential is. This potential may or may not be anything particular in the ways of the world, but rather a realization that happiness is within. They are seeing and feeling for themselves what this enlightened state of being is like, here and now.

The psychological implications of this experience can be dramatic. Because now suddenly the mind realizes that it has a choice. A choice to be earthly or a choice to be divine. A choice to take everything regarding this world and body very seriously, or a choice to be lighthearted and transcendent. A choice to see the faults in everything and everybody or the choice to see the light in all beings and things.

That same person that previously irritated you, can now be a reminder that he or she too is a soul, also trying to express its potential and on a journey towards the light. That same struggle you experience right now can be regarded as a terrible burden or can be a reminder that you too are working through karmas that will eventually set you free.

The beautiful soul in this regression session realized that her life as a Native American helped her prepare for this life, in which she was able to discover true SELF-reliance. A reliance on a deep inner knowing that whether she is embodied or not, she is divine either way and can give herself permission to feel it and express it freely here and now.

You can be as free as you like to be, depending on your thoughts and feelings. The past is gone, the future not here. All you’ve got is this moment and a choice to hold on to the divine within and around you. You’re so much more beautiful, powerful and free than you realize. You are, indeed, divinity itself.

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