A question I’m often asked: “How can past-life regression help me? How is knowing about my past lives useful to me and my future?”
It’s a great question. After all, we are often encouraged to move forward with our lives, and not dwell on the past. The past is gone, right?
But is it, really?
What are we today but the result of every action we have ever taken and every thought we have ever had? Epi-genetics (Epigenetics gives our bodies the ability to influence which genes will be turned on – or expressed – or off, or partially on, depending on our immediate environment, in this instance our ‘mind environment’ or our thoughts) proves that with our thoughts we shape our biology and have the power to change our very DNA.
We are the past. We are the result of our past, our thoughts, and our actions.
Going back to the past lives, therefore, can help us understand the patterns we have been running that have resulted in who we are today. It can help us understand why we think the way we think, and act and react the way we do.
By learning to recognize these patterns we can participate more consciously in learning to shape our future. A lack of awareness of who we have been and why we do what we do is like a tsunami of old tendencies having taken hold of our minds. This wave of our past tendencies is dragging us forward in directions we may not even want to go.
Am I a mere bystander when it comes to controlling my life and my tendencies? Am I just the result of hereditary transmission, parental influence, and environmental conditioning?
The theory of karma and past lives tells us that yes, indeed, you are the product of hereditary transmission, parental influence, and environmental conditioning, but you are in this body, with these parents and in this environment for a reason. It’s not random. It’s a continuum that has its origins long, long before you are born. What you are now you started shaping long before this lifetime.


During a past-life regression, we start by going back to a ‘relevant’ lifetime or scene of your past life. What does relevant mean in this context? It means relevant to your life now. We go back to an event that you need to remember and become aware of in your life today.
Past-Life regression is never just a random digging in the past. We go back with a specific task in mind, namely finding patterns and events that have contributed to certain tendencies you display today. Or, going back to certain accomplishments and experiences you’ve already mastered in the past but that you may have forgotten today.
In my book ‘When Souls Awaken’ I recount several such instances. In one of these stories, a particular client went back to her past life in which she had already attained a high degree of spiritual awakening. But in this life, due to certain circumstances, this realization had been covered up. By re-experiencing this past-life awakened state, she was able to rekindle this light in her life today and greatly improve the quality of her life.


We need not be afraid of our past. Though today you display the tendencies that originated in your past, you must never forget that behind your mind and its tendencies, you are primarily a divine soul. Past-Life regression can actually help you remember this. By experiencing such a regression you instantly become aware that you are not just the person you think you are today. You’ve worn many hats, spoken in many tongues and today’s story is just one of many. Behind these different roles at different times is your eternal Self.
This is the reason that a past-life regression should be followed by a life-between-lives (LBL) regression. During an LBL we take you to the state after a previous death and before you were born. This divine in-between state is a place where you are re-connected with your true divine Self. A divine Self that at that moment has not attached itself with any body.
For most people, this is a profound experience, a powerful homecoming of sorts. Just imagine for a moment that you can feel yourself to be a divine eternal spirit, away from the anxieties and pressures of this earth. How would that change your life?

When Souls Awaken

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