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the Newton Institute for Life between Lives Hypnotherapy

Experience the authentic process personally developed by Dr. Michael Newton and only available through a TNI* certified therapist.

What is Life between Lives Spiritual Regression?
• Find the true purpose of your life
• Experience the freedom of your super-conscious true identity
• Learn why you are who you are and why you are where you are
•“A deep hypnotic process, developed over many years, designed to reconnect you with your soul self, and your guiding beings and thereby awakening an understanding of your immortal identity.”
Experiencing a Life between Lives session will most probably be one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have. Bridge your current life with the memories of your immortal soul, returning to your true home. Our life on earth is but one of many, some good, some bad and some in between. We are here to gather knowledge, explore and discover, to bring that knowledge back to our home in spirit where only love and pure knowing exists. Life in between Lives therapy will allow you to revisit your spiritual home while you are still in this body. You will reconnect with your true sense of Self and bring back to this life the awareness of you immortal identity.

Video Presentation

What is
Past Life Regression and what is Life between Lives Regression

LIn this video presentation Pieter expains in detail what PLR is, what LBL is, and what the differences are.

About your session


Your Lbl session

is a one day process that can take anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5 hours. It includes a Past Life Regression (PLR) and a Life between Lives regression (LBL), all in one single session. A PLR helps you better understand some of the patterns of behaviors you are perhaps currently struggling to really understand.
I have found over the years that the PLR has tremendous therapeutic benefits. It is also an important preparation for your Life between Lives Regression, in that it opens up and clears the way for a smooth and deep LBL session. One of these reasons for this is that the depth of trance required to facilitate a successful LBL session is a lot greater than ‘normal’ hypnotherapy sessions. Past Life Regression can be very profound and enlightening in itself, and it is common to be able to go into great detail in regard to that life: what lessons you learned, the challenges you might have faced, being able to bring back the strengths and talents, and releasing any unwanted carry-overs that was brought into this life.
When we continue on into the Life between Lives Spiritual Regression you will ascend into your super-conscious awareness, into what we call a deep theta state. In this state you can meet your guides, soul group and get in touch with the knowledge of your immortal Self. The therapeutic and spiritual benefits of dislodging yourself from your current restrictive ego consciousness are too many to list, and needs to be experienced.


Having your own experience

Sometimes you have to drink the milk to be nourished by it.  An LBL session may be both physically and mentally draining for both the client and the LBL Therapist. While you are up in the spirit realm, your awareness of your body is greatly reduced, so when you come back, it is common to notice that your body is fatigued. It is best to be well rested before the session, which usually starts early morning. The sessions can take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours, though it is recommended that you allow longer giving yourself ample recovery time before you depart for home, if needed. It is better that you allow the entire day free for the LBL session, ensuring you receive all that you can from the experience.
It is important to allow reflection time after your session, making sure that you do not need to return to work or home to undertake busy activities.
Not every LBL session turns out like the case studies in books on regression, which were collected from thousands of client experiences. Each session is unique and personalized for each client, and as such it is important for you to come with an open mind and an open heart, knowing that your LBL experience will be exactly as it is supposed to be.
A digital recording is made of your session is sent to you after the session. This enables you to have a record of the session to refer back to in the future.

What is LBL spiritual regression?

The talk was given on February 2015, on invitation by Dr. D. Kelley, President of the University of Metaphysical Humanistic Science in Florida.

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