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In the Media

Pieter in the Media

TV, RADIO, REVIEWS and VLOG interviews about past life rgression and life between lives regression

Pieter in the Media

Radio interviews / Podcast

Coast to Coast AM interview

Pieter interviewed by George Noorey on Coast to Coast AM Radio on August 27th, 2019

The Kevin Moore Show

Pieter interviewed by Kevin Moore October 2019

The Paranormal Podcast

Pieter interview with Jim Harold September 2019

Awake 2 Oneness Radio

Pieter interview with Caroline Chang December 2019

Path 11 Productions

Pieter interview Path11 Productions November 2019

The Past Lives Podcast

Pieter interviewed by Simon Bown UK, October 2019

NBR FM Interview

A radio program for entrepreneurs.
NBR FM New York Radio interview 2018

PRN FM Interview

Professionals Round Table interview,
PRN FM New York Radio interview 2018

UMHS Interview

Interview University of Metaphysical Humanistic Science in Florida, February 2015

Book review

Professor, journalist and book reviewer Ken Korczak reviews ‘When Souls Awaken’ 2019