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How to become peaceful during our current CRISIS

How to become peaceful during our current CRISIS

I read an inspiring statement by Gianni Crow, a native American healer: “My grandfather says: when you feel powerless that’s because you stopped listening to your own heart, that’s where power comes from.”

During these trying times, when you are asked to stay home, it is very likely that you are forced to look within yourself more than you are used to. While for some this may be a very disconcerting reality, for yogis it is an opportunity to reflect on our lives and stand still for a moment to have a closer look. Take inventory, so to speak.

I love the above quote for the simple reason that it is true that most of us are in perpetual motion. Striving, surviving, working hard and making plans. This continuous outward projection of our energies takes us away from our center, from our hearts.

As I was sitting for quiet meditation this morning I realized how wonderful and peaceful I can be. I also realized that during these last few months I had been on the move continuously and that even now, during meditation, my subconscious mind had a tendency to keep moving ahead, keep planning and worrying about how I was going to survive the next few months without working.

As I was witnessing the workings of my mind I was able to momentarily detach from it. Instead of allowing the worry and striving to continue, I realized I had the capability, like we all do, to step back and let it go. A blissful sense of surrender and peace followed and I realized: “It’s all going to be alright. Just be, let it be.”

You see, peace is within. It’s not something that we need to strive for or acquire. It’s not something that may happen to us after retirement. An Indian saint said: “We spend our entire life making our bed, but nobody gets to sleep in it.” The very fact that we are continuously striving, building, surviving takes us away from a heart-centered state of peace.  What we are striving for and seeking, peace, is actually here now, if we but allow it.


HOW TO BECOME PEACEFUL DURING OUR CURRENT CRISIS“But what about……” or “that may be true but you don’t understand my…..” are some of the first objections your mind will come up with.

But the real obstacle is not any of the difficulties you may find yourself in right now. The real obstacle is the reluctance of the mind to stop and sit still and detach for even 5 minutes. It’s habituated to keep on going. And it will keep on rolling unless we consciously put a peg in its wheel. We greatly underestimate the power we carry within. We are the boss of our minds and not the other way around. That boss is our inherent divinity, our soul, and during meditation, we can connect, each in our own way, with this internal divine being. From here we can look at our minds, our lives, with a blissful sense of detachment and re-orient ourselves to that what is truly important.

The alternative is to instead allow the fear and insecurity of the collective subconscious mind, the media, and negative Facebook posts to determine our internal state. And it will, if we don’t place proper countermeasures. Instead, we can use this time to enjoy some peace and quiet at home and re-align ourselves with our divine purpose. Irrespective of what goes on in the world and even our own lives, there is an eternal divine dimension both within us and around us that is the source of all bliss, all knowledge and all peace. Whether we call this reality Consciousness, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, the Quantum Field, the Atman or Brahman, it is our unique capability to connect with it if we but choose to. It’s what makes us amazing. Stay in bliss my friends.

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