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Can I prove reincarnation? Should I?

Can I prove reincarnation? Should I?

Surely you’ve been in many situations with people of different beliefs or with those who claim not to believe in anything but science, where you felt you had to defend your beliefs in reincarnation, or, worse, you didn’t know what to say.

As with all points of view, if you want to debate you will need the information to do so. I’ve written many articles about reincarnations and given speeches and lectures on the topic, and there is undoubtedly a lot to say about it that makes a lot of sense. But as I grow older I find it less and less important to try to convince anybody of my views, and especially about a topic as personal as a belief in rebirth.

During my eleven years in India, I was surrounded by millions of people, predominantly Hindu, who claimed to believe in reincarnation. I love India and its spiritual culture. For millennia it has been an epicenter of spiritual thought. And yet, during my stay there, I was confronted with corruption at every level and wondered, how can a Hindu nation with such lofty ideas face such corruption? I came to the conclusion that you may ‘believe’ whatever you want, but unless that ‘belief’ becomes a living and breathing reality in your personal life, it is of little value.

If there is one thing I learned from living with saints and sages, is that all beliefs have to be turned into personal experience. ‘Religion is realization’, said the great saint Vivekananda. We have to walk the talk. As with all personal experiences, once you experience it you know. If you have walked on the moon you will know what it’s like. And you now have a choice; try to prove this to others and make them believe that your experience was genuine and true, or meditate on the experience and use it to expand the horizons of your inner world.

I’ve learned that the latter stance is more conducive to peace of mind. The question, therefore, should rather be, how can I turn my belief into a personal inner experience that is beneficial to me?

Regarding this topic of reincarnation, and how believing it can help me, requires some clear thinking. Just believing it won’t do me much good. I need to substantiate this belief with some logic that can make me sit up and notice. Not for others, but for myself, to help me wake up and change the way I do things and move forward. Thinking it through will help me get a deeper understanding of the laws of reincarnation and once I get a grip on these laws I have something I can hold on to, a road map of life.

Because, literally, reincarnation is about life and death. My death. What happens when I die, where do I go to? And is that death in some way affected by the way I live? Does it affect my rebirth? If so, how should I live? What is considered a good life?

The concept of reincarnation is intimately connected to the idea of karma; the law of cause and effect. And, importantly, the notion that I am not just a body, but primarily a soul that inhabits a body, over and over again until one day, when all karmas are cleared, we do not need to inhibit a body again and will be free.

So along with reincarnation comes the idea of karma and the divine eternal nature of the soul. These three concepts are inseparable. This blog is too short to go into this topic deeper but to answer the question as to how I can turn my belief into realization and make it work for me, I have to focus on these two phenomena, karma and soul.

The law of cause and effect, karma, is what governs my every action. I can now ask myself, is this action helping me manifest more of my inherent divinity, leading me to greater unfoldment and happiness, or is this action covering up my soul with endless karmic repercussions? This now allows me to become fully responsible and empowered. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. Other people’s beliefs and opinions don’t take anything away from me or add anything to me. What matters is how I react to the world around me and, in the grand scheme of things, how I manage to spiritually progress.

Progressing in my spiritual life is the best thing I could possibly do. Not only will I become a more conscious being, but my very presence will also become incrementally more beneficial to those around me. When I become better, so does the world. So rather than trying to prove a point, just ‘become’.

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