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Beautiful people

As a regression therapist I meet so many beautiful people and by beautiful people I mean divine, thoughtful and deep souls. As I’m watching the news or scroll though my Facebook page though, it’s so easy to get disheartened and negative about what is going on in the world. It’s easy to forget the good…
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Turning surviving into thriving

I’d been working for days now, prepping my new vegetable garden when a storm hit and destroyed all the plastic hoop covers. My frustration knew no bounds when during the next few days relentless winds kept pounding the area. Every and any attempt at protecting my newly planted saplings were thwarted. As a ‘new’ gardener…
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How to become peaceful during our current CRISIS

I read an inspiring statement by Gianni Crow, a native American healer: “My grandfather says: when you feel powerless that’s because you stopped listening to your own heart, that’s where power comes from.” During these trying times, when you are asked to stay home, it is very likely that you are forced to look within…
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Should I be scared of my death?

We are born with two kinds of fear, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Also high on the fear list is the fear of public speaking and the fear of death. As we get older and become more aware of our own mortality, the fear of death becomes increasingly real. It’s…
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Can I prove reincarnation? Should I?

Surely you’ve been in many situations with people of different beliefs or with those who claim not to believe in anything but science, where you felt you had to defend your beliefs in reincarnation, or, worse, you didn’t know what to say. As with all points of view, if you want to debate you will…
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