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Beautiful people

Beautiful people

As a regression therapist I meet so many beautiful people and by beautiful people I mean divine, thoughtful and deep souls. As I’m watching the news or scroll though my Facebook page though, it’s so easy to get disheartened and negative about what is going on in the world. It’s easy to forget the good that exists, and the amazing people that surround us. It’s hard to say if this kind of negativity is by design or that we as humans are just wired to look at the negative, in some kind of subconscious response to stay alert in order to survive. Whatever the case may be, true survival is not just avoiding danger.

I can argue the case that in order to really survive and thrive we need to focus on love, positivity, and human connection. It’s a conscious choice we can make. If, however we allow the negative energy to come to us unfiltered, it may indeed seem like it is the way of the world where we might feel that we do not have a choice.

This week alone I met several seemingly ordinary people that came to see me for past-life and life-between-lives regressions. As we went back through ancient times, from the Egyptians to Medieval Europe, early American settlers and native tribes, I was reminded, again and again, how long and marvelous our soul’s journey is. It’s easy to get stuck in our day to day lives when we don’t see our eternal journey through space and time. We completely forget who we have been and where we have traveled already. We perhaps think the people around us are equally uninteresting and boring. What if we could remember even a small part of that past, and imagine this to apply to everybody else as well? How would it change the way we see others and live today?

A bird’s eye view

Having an accurate sense of perspective is half the cure to our ills. Being able to lift ourselves out of the everyday affairs of our lives allows us a bird’s eye view, a place to ponder from. What could be worse than to think that this is all there is.
It is actually possible to realize that our current life is just a tiny part of an eternal awakening process. Not only have we lived many lives before, we are an eternal soul that transcends life as we know it altogether.

Several of my clients, even just this week alone, entered this eternal and transcendental realm where they re-discovered the eternal nature of their own being. As I sat there, seeing one of them shed tears of joy while she got absorbed into a super-conscious state, I felt it too: how beautiful we all are.

The transformative effect of this kind of experience cannot be overestimated. It shifts something within. It now becomes our own experience where, when things get hard, we can retreat back to, meditate on, talk about, and change the internal dialog with ourselves. It’s possible to say amidst apparent worldly troubles and heartaches: “I am this eternal Self, I am Divine, I am beautiful and Light. I am That.”

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