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Am I not aware?

Am I not aware?

You hear it everywhere, “Awareness.”. Yet it remains an enigma as to its real meaning. Are we not aware now? How do I become aware of more, while I actually do feel I am aware of this moment? Am I not alive now, am I not reading now? What am I not seeing and what am I supposed to see and become aware of?

Before I start a past life / life between lives regression session with my client I always mention this idea of awareness. In our search for our past life memories, and in our attempt to connect to life between life, we may think that we need to become more aware which can leave us wondering if we can do this. Should I become more aware? You read it everywhere and you hear it in the new age community, this idea of increased awareness.

What I share with my clients is the idea that it is not an increased awareness we are looking for, but a change of direction in awareness. Because indeed you are already aware now. If you wouldn’t, how could we suddenly create it? Instead, we need to turn the awareness we already have within. Change it from the outside to the inside. It’s not that we magically need to create a previously unknown phenomenon called awareness out of thin air. No, because you already have it, you already are aware now. Just not within.

This then brings us to the next step; how do we turn within. It’s simple. Close your eyes. Yes, it is as simple as that. The moment you close your eyes and stop looking around, you immediately start becoming aware of your inner thoughts. We all know that this is not enough though when we try to travel deeper within. It’s the random superficial thoughts of everyday life that stand in our way of looking further within.

Am I not awareIt stands to reason then that the next step would be to quiet down these thoughts. Not repress them, or force them away, but kind of let them dissolve into thin air. You can do that in many ways. You could listen to some relaxing music, sit in a hot tub, or lie down. Then just look at the thoughts and see them flow by, like the clouds in the sky. Next take your focus away from the mind for a while by starting to relax the body progressively, starting at the feet then move towards the head.

After a while, you will feel the body relaxing completely and the mind following suit. What really happens is that you start to change the frequency of your brain waves. You can change the frequency quite a bit if you know how. The longer the brain wave, the more the mind will turn within.

So the secret is not to create more awareness forcibly, but to change the frequency of your brainwaves. When this happens, you progressively turn deeper within. When your mind is attuned to a different brain frequency you will start to resonate with everything that exists at that frequency. So you become ‘aware’ of that what exists and lives there.

A truly powerful psychic for example has to capacity to always live at a higher frequency and therefore be constantly aware of all things happening at that wavelength. Other beings, other worlds for example may exist at these frequencies and they can see it as clear as daylight. Like a dog sees infrared.

So for me to become more aware I need to start looking at my brain wave frequency first and ask myself: where does my mind go? If I fill it with negative thoughts, fueled by violent movies, video games, and negative companionship, then I will be absorbing and vibrating, that frequency. Even food can be of significance when it comes to providing either negative or positive support.

By truly comprehending this principle I can bring about a paradigm shift within. Another dimension opens up. I can become aware of things I never knew existed. And not just aware of things around me, but, and more importantly, aware of my true Self hidden behind a veil of lower mind frequencies and debris.

The yogi aims to reveal the true Self within. This Self is the source of divine light, the source of knowledge, and the source of internal bliss. It doesn’t exist outside of us and we need not desperately seek it more and more while trying to find it outside ourselves. It is who we are behind the veil of our own lower frequency old tendencies and thoughts. We have the power ourselves to become one with the God within. Then everything becomes revealed. We become truly aware.

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